Monday, June 18, 2012

Help market & promote Seth Davis' latest release!

I’m Seth Davis.  I’m a songwriter originally from Queens and I live in New Paltz, NY now.
I’ve  created this Kickstarter campaign so that you can be a part of marketing and promoting my new CD, which is called Morning Songs. It’s completely done, and I’ll be getting the CD’s manufactured in the next few weeks.  I’m very proud and excited for you to hear it!
Fulfillment of this campaign will see my music reach the greatest potential audience through the following steps:
•Engaging a professional radio campaign
•Publicity and PR
•By evolving my website and social media marketing.
•By possibly travelling to markets that air songs from my CD.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Would Want My Son to Play Football

Debating on whether to allow your son to play football? One of my favorite football commentators weighs in on this trending topic. 



I Would Want My Son to Play Football

Tuesday, June 05, 2012 
I can't take it anymore.  I understand that they mean well and are just being honest but I couldn't disagree more and it is time to explain why.  Somebody needs to.
I'm talking, of course, about the cavalcade of current and former NFL players that have stated publicly that they either would not let or do not want their sons to play the sport of football.  I haven't heard or seen very many taking the opposite point of view publicly.  At least not enough, that's for sure.
To each his own I suppose but let me be real clear right from the start; if I had a son I would absolutely let him play the sport of football.  In fact, I would highly encourage it if he were so inclined.

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I Would Want My Son to Play Football

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Down and Distance

Two hours have passed and we still have another three hundred plus miles to go. My son has been supplying all of the entertainment to the driver, my brother-n-law, and me, riding shotgun. A constant chatter box of voices, songs, and shouts emanate from the backseat, an symptom of the excitement that we all are feeling. We are on a road trip, a guys road trip, beginning in New York and ending in Ohio, home to a couple of great archives, The Pro Football Hall of Fame, and The Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame. 

What lies ahead is four days of football, food, music and memories, but first we need to get thru the next three hundred plus miles...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wade to release new book on fatherhood

MIAMI (AP) -- Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat is becoming an author.
William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, announced Wednesday plans to release "A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger than Basketball" in September. The book talks in part about Wade's struggles growing up in Chicago and how he's incorporating some of the lessons he learned into raising his own family.
"For me, it was therapeutic to do this," Wade told The Associated Press.
Wade was awarded sole custody of his two sons in March 2011 after a long court battle with his ex-wife, who remains in the boys' lives. The 2006 NBA Finals MVP and eight-time All-Star said he hopes the book will show fans a side of him that they have yet to see.

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Wade to release new book on fatherhood

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Driving on interstate 84 away from Connecticut and into New York. My son, sitting in the passenger seat is squinting from the late afternoon sun shining in his face. We are both quiet and relaxed from our weekend retreat. Shabbaton weekend is a way for the sixth grade hebrew school class to bond, have fun and relax. Its also very important because this weekend is when the kids start the process of their Bar or Bat Mitzvah. 

We arrive Friday evening at the hotel. I am checking in when the Rabbi greets us and hand us a packet. "We are meeting in a half hour for dinner, see you there..." He says as he turns to greet other families. The hotel is more like a lodge, lots of wood and fireplaces. We take the elevator to the third floor and enter our room for the weekend.

The room for dinner is spacious, large circular tables with the food set up buffet style. Most of the kids gather quickly at a table at the far end of the room as the orphaned parents find a seat at the next table. The parents introduce themselves and partake in typical parent conversations. "What do you do?", "Where do you live?", fly around the table reminiscent of a mock dating meet-up. The kids are in their element, joking and laughing up a storm, a good start to the weekend.

After dinner is the most important section of the weekend. We enter one of the conference rooms on the lower level of the hotel. Again we gather around big round tables, this time kids and parents sit together. The Rabbi and the Headmaster talk about how far the kids have grown and where the next year will take them. "Now it is time for the class to discover their Torah portions." the Rabbi exclaims. The kids are on edge as they find their Bar/Bat Mitzvah date on the calendar, find the corresponding date on the Hebrew calendar. The next step is to locate the section of the Torah that is read that week. The kids then go to the front of the room to find their folder, which holds their portion. "Bo!" My son yells out. I do not have a clue what that means but my son shows me the passage. Bo is the section of the Torah which speaks about the Jews exodus from Egypt. It talks about the last of the plagues brought upon Egypt and how the Jews were freed. My son is familiar with this section due to years of Passover Seders. He is very happy to receive this passage. 

Later in the evening the kids are done with business and are free to have and continue bonding. The parents meet with the Rabbi to wrap up and discuss ideas in an open forum. The first night ends late.
The next morning starts with a hearty breakfast buffet, again kids gathered together in smaller groups, parents silently nursing cups of hot coffee and tea. After breakfast is the morning service. The kids sing the songs in unison with the Cantor as parents are trying to follow along in the prayer books. I listen to my son sing in hebrew without skipping a beat. Next on the agenda are some crafts for the kids and more free time before lunch. 

Swimming and games at the gym building occupy the afternoon while the parents meet again with the Rabbi. "What is your most memorable part of the weekend?" The Rabbi asks. Parents speak aloud about seeing the kids bond, and meeting other parents. Other speak about getting away and spending time with their preteen one-on-one. To me the highlight of the weekend was watching the kids discover their Torah portion. For years they have been hearing about their Bar/Bat Mitzvah, but it was only a concept to them, some abstract thing they need to read before they can start their party. Watching the kids unearth their portion, and learn the meaning behind it the words, it came alive right in front of them. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

To get to the other side...

November 2010. 
I anticipate the call all day. Three o'clock cannot come soon enough as I keep switching my focus between the clock, my computer screen, then my phone and back to the clock as my eyes dance through a three way monkey in the middle. I feel a vibration on the desk which causes my eyes to dart to my phone just as the screen wakes. "Hello." "Hi, do you have time now?" "Yes, I will call you back once I call the doctor and I will conference you in." This exchange brings me back to the time my wife's doctor informed us we were going to have a baby. Eleven years later this was a different call. 

My wife and I do not know what to expect, but we are hoping for a definitive diagnosis. We both listen as the Doctor speaks...

"I have completed my two day analysis of your son. From our discussion regarding your concerns I conducted a number of tests, and he and I talked about various topics. My full report will be ready in a few days but I am confident in my findings, you son has ADHD."

My first thought is one of confusion. "Are you sure? I mean my son is not overactive or somebody who can't sit still, rather he's the exact opposite of that." "That is the biggest misconception about ADHD, its about focus, the inability to concentrate and stay on task, and where as some children's reaction is the bouncing from one activity to another, your child reacts in a sort of silent daydreamy kind of way." The reaction to the disability might be different but the diagnosis is the same." And that is when I heard the word, DISABILITY. 

My second thought was that I do not know a thing about ADHD other than the funny lines I heard on evening sitcoms, jokes about non-stop chattering and kids in perpetual motion. I would not characterize my son with those traits. He is creative, thoughtful and strong willed. He has a good sense of humor and has hopes and dreams. The roadmap to those dreams and the happiness along the way is where the ADHD blocks it like a fallen tree in the road.

As a father all I want to do is move that tree to clear a wide path, but in the year that has passed, I learned that I can't move the tree, my job is to show him the obstacle, and help him build the confidence to move it.

To be continued.... 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Compass Heading

Since the new year, the dynamics between my son and I have developed into a push-pull relationship, I push him to stay on task, and he pulls away from my pestering. The pushing, in his eyes, keeps him organized and on point. The pulling, in my eyes, reminds me to back off. 

The balance moves in waves. His role is to learn, stay centered and grow. My role is to keep the ship afloat and get it safely to its destination. 

Sometimes a storm is brewing and he is about fall overboard, I scramble to grab him. Headstrong and sovereign, he climbs back in unassisted.

Other times, in my effort to keep a watchful eye, I hit an iceberg and bust a giant gash on the side of the ship. I then have to repair the damage quickly.

Many times, I am welcomed to help untie the knots, especially when the vocal cords are tangled and frantic.

Then there are the times when we are battling the sea monsters together, teaming up to engage and triumph...