Monday, February 6, 2012

Compass Heading

Since the new year, the dynamics between my son and I have developed into a push-pull relationship, I push him to stay on task, and he pulls away from my pestering. The pushing, in his eyes, keeps him organized and on point. The pulling, in my eyes, reminds me to back off. 

The balance moves in waves. His role is to learn, stay centered and grow. My role is to keep the ship afloat and get it safely to its destination. 

Sometimes a storm is brewing and he is about fall overboard, I scramble to grab him. Headstrong and sovereign, he climbs back in unassisted.

Other times, in my effort to keep a watchful eye, I hit an iceberg and bust a giant gash on the side of the ship. I then have to repair the damage quickly.

Many times, I am welcomed to help untie the knots, especially when the vocal cords are tangled and frantic.

Then there are the times when we are battling the sea monsters together, teaming up to engage and triumph...


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