Sunday, August 29, 2010


I glance once more at the clock on the cable box, its still a long way off until I need to leave. I am sure the house is clean and the garbage is emptied. I got a fresh milk from the store and even did all of the laundry, resetting the chores to zero. I look down at my watch, four hours until I need to be at the airport. Tonight my family will be in the same city after a couple of weeks separated. I know its not a very long stretch, but for me my life seems unbalanced when everyone is away.

It also signifies the end of the Summer and opens the door to Fall. I enjoy the Fall season, the school schedules, the football games, and cool brisk mornings. I get pumped at the start of Fall for my son, the new classroom and new classmates, new routines and the new experiences he shares with us. Fall also brings and renewed set of responsibilities for my son, and for the whole family. This Fall, in particular, holds special meaning, as my son is in his final year of elementary school, and my wife is in her last year of graduate school, and I look forward to celebrating those achievements with them.

I look at my watch once again, three and a half hours to go. Maybe I will leave now...

Summer of 2010 is just about over, and Fall 2010 sits just around the corner.


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