Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lyrics Past

Last night was the Fifth Grade School Concert. The class has been practicing for months and it is finally time to show their stuff. The kids do a morning edition for the school and an evening edition for the parents. "The songs are old and boring..." My son gripes. "Eye of the Tiger" "Raiders March" "Sweet Caroline" are the band selections and the singing selection are unknown to most of the civilized world. "Why can't we sing new songs", he complains. "What do you want these teachers to teach you, "Nelly and Jay Z?" I reply. "Yes!", he yelps. Because of my class and a midterm, I can not make this performance, the first one I will miss in my son's school career. Yesterday while walking to school I tell my son I was sad to miss it. He patted me on the back and said "It's OK you have a more important thing to do". "Can you do a personal concert for me when I get get home?" I request. "No Way!" he shoots back. 



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