Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tackle Fire

"White Team! White Team!" The coach roars and three players hit the field for substitutions. Being the first substitution group, the white team needs to stay focused and ready to get in the game at a moments notice. My son races into the huddle to get the play and the count. Knowing what everyone's assignment is now, the offensive line marches to the line of scrimmage. My son, playing left tackle, checks his splits and fortifies his stance. The whole line is frozen in time as the quarterback runs through the count. On the third hut, the line reacts, building a wall of steel to protect the backfield. The left tackle is battling hard against a taller player but defends his ground. The quarterback releases the ball right over the tackle's head and connects into the receivers hands. The receiver rockets forward and runs sixty yards for the touchdown. The line races down the field for the extra point which is successful on a run up the middle. My son runs off the field and I slap him on the shoulder pads. "Great job on the block!" I holler. 

The team fought hard today against a faster and older team and though we lost the game by one touchdown, the team was in it battling until the final whistle blew. Proud of the Blue Devils, proud of the white team and proud of my son. 
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