Sunday, December 12, 2010

One Good + One Not So Good = Two Goods

I have been trying to come up with exercise ideas for winter fitness routines to do with my son. It's too cold to run the track and too rainy for bike rides. Saturday afternoon I told him we were going to do a half hour of fitness. He was not happy to pause his computer game but understood the need for movement. I told him to stretch out while I search the internet for some routines. (Side note: It has come to my realization that doing general searches on the internet returns way too much information. I got links to gyms, magazines, sporting goods stores, nutrition, teams, accidents, equipment, protein powders, journals, songs, movies, weird medical procedures and some other stuff I need to block from his computer.) Then I remembered the TV.

A few months ago, while browsing the on-demand listings I stumbled upon a section covering exercise and training. I ran to the living room and searched again and came upon Exercise TV. I scrolled the listings and found a few 10 minute routines and just like that my son was working up a sweat. We searched for more routines and after completing two of them, he was enjoying the experience. I said to him "You know, during school days there is no morning TV time but you can certainly turn it on for exercise." Now he can combine something he really enjoys (TV) with something he struggles with (Exercise). Together they calculate into success.


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