Friday, December 31, 2010

Don't forget the memories...

Well another year is coming to an end and like every other person in the world, I am reflecting on the happenings of the past year and compiling a mental list of great memories, regrettable moments, and incredible enlightenment to file in the brain under "experience".

Great Memories (in no particular order):

Going to see one of my favorite bands. My wife treated me to see The Eagles at Meadowlands Stadium and our son came with us. I loved the concert, and especially enjoyed sharing it with my wife and son. I was fifteen when I first saw The Eagles at the the old Giants stadium, almost thirty years ago to the date.

I became an Uncle again and then again as my brother had a little girl and my sister had a little boy. My son now has four little cousins that follow him, climb on him and look up to him like a superhero.

Some of the volunteering I did might not have contributed on a global level, but even little things are a big help. Shoveling out my family's snowed in cars, helping my in-laws pack for moving, helping my sister prepare for her new baby, working on school functions, and spending night after night on the football field, sweating profusely in the field house, and running around fixing broken gear.

Regrettable moments (These are greatest to least):

Not kissing my wife more, she needs it and I need it, simple.

My frustration over schoolwork is not my finest moment. I absolutely know my son is a hard worker and wants to be the best he can be, I just need to be patient and not crowd the plate.

I used to not take my work angst home with me and recently I have been distracted at home over my job and career as a whole. I have taken some steps this year to not go in as early and leave on time so I can spend more time with the family, but that is the physical part, now I have to work on the mental part.

Enlightenment (These are least to greatest):

Knowing that family and friends can still have an influence.
Finding out that I can still be creative, like starting a blog and writing about life.
Realizing there is still time to learn new ideas and start new careers.
Understanding that my son is a born dreamer, a peaceful sole and possesses incredible fortitude, qualities hard wired into his DNA.


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