Thursday, March 31, 2011


In the quest for new basketball sneakers, my son is using a three prong campaign.

The Funds- I got home the other night and my wife and son are sitting on the rug creating little mounds of quarters, dimes nickels and pennies. After it is all sorted my son starts counting and scribbling down figures to total up later. Upon tallying the final figures, my son exclaims that the $80.35 is almost enough for the sneakers.

The Will- "Do you think I can sell my old basketball sneakers on Craigslist?" my son asks his Mom. My wife being a successful craigslist seller likes the thought. 

The Want- "What are you watching on the computer?" I ask, expecting the answer to be a sports highlight or funny video. I turn to look and it is promotional clips about the sneakers, the features and how they make you play better. "They are so cool and they will help me during the basketball clinic"

I am staying strong...


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