Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Modern classic

It's 11:05 pm on Tuesday. I am sitting here in the dark, watching the credits roll on the season finale (and it turns out the last show ever) of "Lights Out". The show is about a fighter who quit boxing in his prime and because of risky investments finds himself in financial troubles. These troubles lead to some illegal activity, so much that he has no choice but to re-enter the ring to dig himself out and save his family from ruin. 

It's the classic man story; man is hero to his family, man puts the family in harms way, then man seeks redemption to save his family.   

I started The Dad Trade a year ago, and its been a place for me to share stories, and my thoughts as a father in today's world. There have been all sorts of highs, lows and everything in between. In the last couple of years, stingy finances, learning struggles at school, health, and finding time for romance are weighing heavy on our family, but working as a team we are now shining the light towards recovery. Pushing and supporting each other has re-energized our family's focus. My wife is finishing graduate school, my son is working hard and recognizing his success, and I am taking classes, as well as finding the time for personal health. In the modern family, the classic man needs more to find redemption. The modern man needs to talk to the pediatrician and insurance companies. The modern man needs to not only learn their kid's teachers but learn the school. The modern man needs to put down the spreadsheet and review the math worksheet. The modern man needs to know that working out is just as vital to the family as working. The most important thing I have realized this past year, is that the modern family is more powerful than the classic man. 
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