Friday, April 15, 2011


"Have a good time and I will see you tomorrow!" I yell from the car as my wife drops my son off at a friends house for a birthday sleepover. "See ya!" he yells without even turning to look in my direction. A birthday party sleepover is the ultimate in kid party fun, and when I say fun, I mean fun for the parents of the invitees! After pulling out of the driveway, we headed home, parked the car and walked over to the local movie house to watch "The Lincoln Lawyer", a new courtroom drama film with a classic 70's feel. The movie was mildly gripping but not boring and kept us entertained throughout. The fact that we got to see a Friday evening movie without forking over baby sitting money is a nice treat. 

As I push open the double glass doors and we step outside into the dark evening, I glance at my watch, thinking that at 9:00pm the sleepover is in full swing, maybe they're watching a movie or playing a game, laughing and giggling and having a great time. Walking home with my wife, I think to myself that I am also having a great time, and I am not even in my pj's yet...


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