Friday, November 18, 2011

Party Rock Anthem

It's 8:59pm when I enter the side door to the school. I am immediately hit with the sounds of preteen commotion. "Hi, he is probably in the small gym." One of the moms working to door motions to me. I pass kids playing video games, two playing ping pong and make a right past the cafeteria. Kids are rushing by in all directions as I pass through the double doors and stop when I feel the vibration of base emanating from small gym. All of a sudden the music stops and all you hear are kids shouting and roaring. I press up against the wall and wait as the kids pour our into the corridor. Through the sea of six graders I spot my son, red faced and sweaty, and he spots me. He acknowledges my existence and I motion that I will be by the exit doors when he is ready. 

It's the "Fall into Middle School" dance tonight and its a whos who of six graders attending. I gave my son three rules to follow, have fun, be respectful of yourself, other kids and the adults; and finally, have fun. 

After a few minutes, my son breaks out of the crowd. "I'm ready to go." he says to me. We push through the doors, leaving the hot rotunda and entering the cold dark night. "AAH, that feels good!" my son says. On the way home my son fills me in on the event, a lot of dancing and hanging with friends consumed most of the evening. "I'm thirsty, clubbing is tiring.." He says. 

This is only the beginning...


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