Sunday, December 4, 2011

Seconds away

"Whoooooo!!!" My son screams while tossing the couch pillow in the air. I am standing next to him and brace myself for the oncoming landing of my son in my arms. The NY Giants have just tied the game against the undefeated Green Bay Packers on a two-point conversion. The Giants look very strong in the final minutes of the game and actually have a chance if they can just hold The Packers for the last fifty-eight seconds of regulation. But as most football fans know, eighty yards in fifty-eight seconds is an eternity for Aaron Rogers and the mighty Pack.

1st and 10- GB 20- A. Rogers to J. Finley- 24 Yards
1st and 10- GB 44- A. Rogers to J. Nelson- 27 Yards
1st and 10-NYG 29- A. Rogers to B. Saine- (-1) Yard
2nd and 11-NYG 30- A. Rogers to G. Jennings- 18 Yards
1st and 10- NYG 12- M. Crosby 30 Yard Field Goal

No Time Left

Green Bay Packers 38
New York Giants 35

My son is not whooping it up now, sad for his team but Big Blue are still in the hunt and looking forward to an epic battle next week against The Dallas Cowboys.


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