Monday, December 12, 2011


7:00 am in the morning and the rays of the rising sun are starting to touch the edges of the windows in the living room. I am sitting on the couch when I hear the creek of the floor. The door leading to my son’s room slowly opens wide. I look up to see my son in a wobbly stand, both eyes closed and getting a jostling from the synchronized hand rubbing. The light hits his face as his eyelids struggle open and I finally see his eyes.

10:00 pm and my wife wakes up from a two hour exhausted sleep. The epidural she was given three hours ago allowed her to get some needed rest. The last twenty-two hours have been a painful hell. I get up from the bedside chair and ask my wife how she is feeling. “I just want this to be over already…” She whispers. Suddenly the doctor walks into the room. “Ok, I think we are ready to get this show started.”

3:00 pm and the phone rings. I am at my desk at work, knee deep in the usual paperwork as I reach for the phone. “Hi, honey, its me, I am at the doctors office and guess what?” I already have my suspicions but play along. “What?” I excitingly reply. “We are going to have a baby!” My wife exclaims. I am filled with joy, worry, and wonder all at once. “That is the best news, can’t wait to see you, I love you!”  We talk some more but my mind is racing around.

8:00 am and I am up to my neck in waffle mix. I am mixing and adding milk and mixing some more, testing the batter for liquidity. The waffle maker is heated to the desired temperature as I pour the batter, covering each little square. I wife appears out of our bedroom. She sees my son on the couch and goes over to give him a big hug.

12 am and my wife lets out a scream. “You are doing great, we are almost there!”  The doctor commands. I am holding my wife’s hand trying not to let the pain of her grip show on my face. My wife is huffing and puffing and then erupts. “Just one small push left.”  I look at my wife’s face and in a split second the doctor is holding my son in her hands. “Daddy do you want to cut the cord?” The doctor asks. I cannot take my eyes off the screaming baby as I take the scissors. The doctor hands the baby over to the nurse and tends to my wife. I go with the nurse as she puts my son down on a warm table to clean him up and check him out. His crying has slowed to a calm whimper. I hold his legs as the nurse checks his vitals. The light hits his face as his eyelids struggle open and I finally see his eyes.

5:00 pm I open the door to our apartment. I left work a little early to celebrate the news with my wife. I take off my jacket, and shoes and put down my bag. I do not see her at first and walk into the bedroom. She is lying in bed, eating a snack and reading. I lay down next to her and give her a hug and a kiss. “I can’t believe we are having a baby.” She says. “ I am so happy and I love you.” I reply. “Are we ready for this?”  She questions. “You are going to be a great mom and we are going to be great parents.” I assure her.

9 am, we are sitting at the table, talking and celebrating was we dig in to the huge stack of waffles. “What time was I born exactly?” My son asks. “My wife says about 12:15 am. We talk about what we did that day twelve years ago, and the memories throughout the years. After gobbling the last bite of waffle, my son puts down his fork, and wipes the syrup off his chin. “When can I open my presents?” He asks. “Wash you hands and I will go get them.” I reply. He jumps up and runs into the kitchen, as excited as any twelve-year-old boy can be.

Happy Birthday


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