Monday, January 3, 2011


"Bunch.", "Peel!", "Bananas!" These are the words coming from the new craze taking place in our household. The game is called Bananagrams. The rules are simple, pick a set amount of tiles from the "bunch" and create as many words as possible in a sort of scrabble pattern, except there is no board. As you use up your letters, you "peel" one off the "bunch" at a time until there are no more tiles to choose from, and the first person with no tiles left is the winner. No points, no turns, just a free association of thoughts compiled into your own crossword puzzle. Its also a great way for my son to practice spelling within a game setting. He is pretty good at connecting the words together, while his reasoning for some distinct spelling choices are creative and inventive.

"Peel", my wife exclaims as we all add a tile to our pile. I glance over at my son, working swiftly and resourcefully, peeling away the strain of learning and leaving only fun.



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