Thursday, May 26, 2011


Its dark, my laptop the only source of light. A plane in flight is heard in the distance. The sound of tired shoes making their way home from the train, working late no doubt. The voices of a couple rehashing their evening. A muffled thumping draws me to the window as I see a motorcycle impatiently revving alone on the corner and stares at the red light. As I watch it grumble away I scan up and down the humid street and see no other signs of life. I turn back into the dark apartment and listen to the quietness of the rooms. Everyone is asleep but me. 

I should be sleeping but I am not. Thinking of tasks needing to do; work, school, family, health, projects seeking closure and ideas looking for daylight. Surprising not very stressed about it. Just sitting here writing, the sounds of a siren chirping far away, and the darkness somewhat soothing... 
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