Friday, May 13, 2011

Tapping point

"Here, give it to me, let me show you." "When you want this to happen you need to do this...." "You tap here and drag it there." I sat wide eyed and apprehensive while my son schooled me.

I have always been at ease around a keyboard and mouse, those items have been part of using a computer for years. I am sure when the mouse was invented, it confused the people accustomed to keystroke entries. I can not imagine not using a mouse or a trackball to roam the cyber world. This week the future entered our home in the form of an IPad. Perfectly designed and visually stunning, its hard not to love the "magical" black rectangle. My son took to the machine like he was born with it, tapping, dragging, loading programs with the touch of his finger. I on the other hand, needed to rethink everything. "How do I load something?" I would ask. "Like this..." my son would smirk and quickly summon an app like he was Aladdin rubbing his magic lamp. "How do I save it?" Showing my ineptness while my eleven year old would orchestrate the screen like he was whipping up a spell. Tap, drag, touch, swipe, I was the apprentice marveled by the sorcerer.  It was then I realized the world has moved to the future and I am now the past. 

Hello past, you are a comfortable sight... at least I knew how to program a VCR.... 


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