Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother of all days

Typical early Sunday mornings are quiet around town except for the weekend bicycle warriors, dedicated marathoners, and the trekking of dogs walkers, but today was different. 

This morning's traffic was occupied with lines at the bakery, patrons at the bagel store and anxiousness at the flower shop. Those three storms only mean one thing, it's Mothers Day. 

Dads are working overtime to make the day special for their signifiant other, whether it's their wife or partner, its dad's on the clock to organize a special day, and that can be hard to plan without the main planner involved. We get major anxiety on Mothers Day, are we not doing enough, are we doing too much, is the present perfect or off-putting, basically are we being tested? The answer is yes, yes we are being tested, are we able to thank mothers properly on their hard work, their leadership, their compassion and most of all their ability to put up with all the mess the kids and frankly the whole family give them daily. It takes a special person to be a Mom (both psychologically and of course biologically) that us guys need to speak from the heart when we say Thank you.

Happy Mother's Day
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