Saturday, March 27, 2010

Clothes make the boy

My son is very into his sneakers. He needs to have the "right pair". Being ten years old I think he is starting to work on his identity. When he was a baby he wore clothes just to absorb spit up and pee. As a toddler if the shirt had a cartoon character on it that was just fine. At the age of nine I could sense a shift. He started to ask for clothes he wanted to wear. I was happy to oblige because it was usually some type of sporting brand I wished I could wear every day. What guy does not want to wear his favorite team or sport apparel daily.

Lately friend influence has entered the picture. He sees what his friends are wearing so he wants to wear that also. He does not want his parents deciding on his look. Friend influence has been a battle between parents and kids for centuries. I am not surprised by the desires my son is exhibiting. Is there a line, yes there is. Do I want him to fit in, yes. Do I want him to think for himself, yes. Does he get those $125 pair of Nike's, no.


JerryD NYC said...

It’s called the “Nike Conspiracy”. If you don’t have these kicks…you are worthless. 20 years from now your kid will writing a blog about not fitting in because he or she didn’t have the right shoes. But with any luck he/she will blame it on Mom.

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