Monday, March 29, 2010

Four Questions

Tonight is Passover. The Seder, in short is a celebration of Jewish history and the family. We say a couple of prayers and everyone reads a brief passage. We recall the rough times while giving thanks for the good ones. Then we eat roasted chicken, brisket and potatoes. Its like thanksgiving except no football or Black Friday deals. The best part about the Seder is the four questions. The four questions address the rituals taking place at the Seder.

When the kids were younger the four questions would stray a bit from the traditional inquiry. Here are some of the memorable ones:

-What is that grey stuff on my plate?
-Why do I have to sit up straight if we're supposed to recline?
-Does the shankbone connect to the elbow?
-Why is Herb so bitter, does he have a headache?
-Do we have any dinner rolls?
-Can I get a gefilte fish for my fish tank?
-After dinner can we search for the easter eggs?

Now that the kids are older,
they are more engaged in the Seder.
They might not fully comprehend why they ask these questions, but they understand the meaning behind them.


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Happy Passover

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