Sunday, March 28, 2010


Today I made the suggestion to my son and nephew about building a miniature half pipe. They both play with these mini BMX bikes and skateboards that have become the latest in collectibles. The bikes come in all different colors and configurations so if you buy one today, you can bet by tomorrow they will want one in a slightly different combination.

So they were very excited when I suggested we built a mini half pipe. I have no idea how I was going to complete this task. We are away so I have to rely on a scarce tool selection. We get in the car and drive over to Loews. We grab an enormous giant blue shopping cart and make our way past 60 aisles until we spy the lumber. We do not need a lot of wood so we pick through the scraps until we find some pieces to our liking. As we scan the great wall of nails we pick out a few sizes.

We arrive at home after a quick detour to Target to pick out a few more toy bikes. We are now ready to build.

We gather whatever supplies needed to do the job. I measure and cut the curved sides. I show my son and nephew how to cut on a straight line. I drill the holes and screw the sections together. The kids eyes light up as our vision takes form. Now is the hardest part. Bending the wood to fit the steep curves required for a half pipe is a challenge. I slowly bend the wood and hold it in place while the kids work the hammer. After the last nail is tacked into place we slowly stand up and take a step back. There sitting on the patio is a 24 inch long, 10 inch high half pipe. The kids eyes are wide and their mouths are open. We did it! We actually built a mini half pipe just using our imagination and ingenuity.

It cost more than the plastic one at the store but this one is made from our hands. The blister on my finger is worth their jubilation. The swelling of my finger from the hammer will take a little longer to pass. The kids will recall this day long after they remember those toys. I was a great day.


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