Friday, March 12, 2010

Trade- (trād) [treyd]
1. An occupation, especially one requiring a skill
2. exchange of items, usually without payment of money.
Verb intr.
1. To make an exchange of one thing for another
1. used by, serving, or intended for a particular trade: trade journal.

This is the The Dad Trade. A community of Dads exchanging real life stories pertaining to a Dad’s relationship with their kids no matter how young or old. We are not ranting about our wives or our jobs. Its about the everyday stories that impact us all, the thoughts, the questions, the angst and the laughs that come along in good times and bad.  

This is an online publication. Initially it will publish every two months. The publication will be in PDF and IPaper format and will be available as a download or email. This web site will be used for promoting the publication, as well as previews of the articles and other information. The articles that appear in each edition will be original works written by Dads. New Dads, Dads with young kids, Dads with teenagers, Dads with grown up kids. All Dads qualify.

They will be funny, sad or anywhere in between.  They can be as short as a half page or as long as you need it to be. The first edition will go live on June 1. The signature tags for the pieces are compiled by the first name and the number of kids you have. For example if you have 1 kid then you are "name" D1 If you have 2 kids you will be “name" D2, 3 kids then "name" D3, etc.

Topics can be a wide range of ideas. Some might be:
Did I just feed my kid frozen pizza for the 3 straight days?
My child is lazy! Was I lazy as a child too?
My kid won the big game, why am I happier than she is?
I just messed up that whole situation; can I still make it better?
I am not cool enough to talk to my kid's friends.
I just told my children their parents are splitting up, why do I feel better?
Telling my kids about someone dying, am I strong enough?

I think you know what The Dad Trade is all about. Experiences Dads can trade with other Dads.

The Dad Trade, all dads qualify….


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