Tuesday, June 1, 2010

CSI that stain!

Part of our weekend getaway to Florida was to get our son new clothes. He has grown out of most of the clothes he had at his grandparent's house and needed clothes for tennis and dinner out. A few hours later, five new tennis outfits are laid out on the floor in his room, ready for Tennis Camp in August. A few hours after that there were food stains on most of them. I do not know how he does it but my son is a stain magnet. A sandwich for lunch produces a stain on the front just above his belly, a snack leaves residue on the collar, and pizza for dinner looks like it exploded all over. I am always instructing him to move closer to the table or eat over his plate, no matter what, a little bit of the meal walks out with him. Maybe I make him too self-conscious about his eating, and that causes his clumsiness. I know I am uptight about it, after all it's just clothes and who hasn't gotten a stain on their shirt, tie or pants when late to a meeting? I need to just back off, chill out and stock up on Shout. 


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