Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seth Davis Interview Part II

Here is the second part of my interview with Seth Davis. We discuss the passions and influences that shape us as fathers.

TDT: What is the single most gratifying aspect of owning your own business? How does that affect your family.
SB: Karma Road provides the community a place for people interested in a similar lifestyle to really embrace it, that they can do it without feeling deprived, that makes me feel very cool. 
It’s also gratifying to be involved with my music for so long, to hear it mature, reaching a broader and greater audience and to feel like I’m embarking on a new chapter, and the kid’s love this. My wife is mixed.

TDT: What are the strategies you are doing to save for your child's future?
SB: While we did start a college fund for each of our sons, we have not added to them for a long time as we invested everything in our home and in Karma road.  We are now just emerging from negative cash flow, and beginning to plan consistent and growing investments in the boy’s future.

TDT: What types of activities do you do with your children in your recreational time.
SD: A lot of time not listening and me trying to get activities started to no avail! We have no cable so sometimes we watch cool videos on youtube. If they’re interested in basketball, wrestiling, a band, volcanoes, venus fly traps, anything, it's right there with a click of the mouse (wish we had this when I was a kid.).  We have a nice quiet little neighborhood so we ride our bikes every day, and sometimes bring them to one of the trails. We hike on the nearby mountain. We do art projects and swim. We visit one of the farms or animal sanctuaries in the Catskills. My six year old and I started doing karate together.

TDT: As an accomplished singer/songwriter, how do your kids influence your writing? 
I wondered for awhile if I should continue writing about my drug past, dysfunctional relationships with unstable women, and various shades of my own discontent. These embody 90% of my catalogue. I do write some more up-beat and optimistic songs now, and they’re just as genuine as the others. As the scope of my experience widens, I have more to write about. I have no problem being happy or having fun, and I have no problem relating to other parts of my life which have shaped me and have inspired some really nice work.

TDT: How did having children change/enhance your own passions?
SDMy dad used to talk about how he should have been an actor. How he went to grade school with Tony Curtis and when Tony had gone to some acting training which he had the chance to do how he too would had been a famous actor. He talked about the photography classes he had taken as a young man, and how he would have enjoyed being a photographer.

I feel compelled to set a more courageous example for myself. I feel more inspired now than ever. I see the harm in living in the “someday”, and choose to live in alignment with my passions every day, for myself, for my boys, and for the community at large.

To learn more about Seth Davis, and his music appearances, visit:

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That was a sweet lyrical piece. Glad you enjoyed the concert and the stadium. Too bad about the old had a lot of memories, mostly of freezing my ass ff at Giants game. Steve W

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