Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seth Davis Interview

Seth Davis is the definition of the man with many hats. A father, husband, songwriter, performer, business owner, baker. He is a man I admire for his convictions, free spirit and sense of humor. I interviewed Seth for The Dad Trade. 
In Part I, we cover family, and growing a business: 

TDTHow many kids do you have?
SD: Two that I know of. (Ha Ha) My sons are  6 and 4.5

TDT: What are the daily routines in your home that you do no matter what is going on at work?
SDI really wish that there was a more dynamic routine or more reliable rituals, but the fact is that the routines involve rushing and ultimatums.  We do say good morning and hug and kiss before one of us (my wife or me) leave for work. We do read at least two books before bed.  We do kiss and say goodnight. We each state what we are grateful during a minimum of one meal per day. The statements have their moments, as my sons sometimes pick the most profound things, and other times find this open-season for potty talk and cheap laughs, it’s an important part of my day, and I do hope it instills in them that habit of remembering to scan our lives for things that are good and real.  I learned of this option as an adult, and it’s a hard one to remember.

TDT: In having an organic foods lifestyle, how does that effect your kids? What is the biggest plus? Struggle?
SD: My kids know nothing else.  They are respectful of other’s food and lifestyle choices. They know our reasons for eating a plant-based diet.  They’re healthy and sometimes finicky and often prefer (our version of) junkier foods.  Although they haven’t eaten any meat, there are times where we’ll bend our organic “close to the garden” policy in order for them to be included in a party activity or something fun at school, but not often enough to become an issue. The biggest plus is that I think there are a couple of great voices on Team Compassion, as they cannot conceive of eating animal flesh.  They are also fit and have a better knowledge of advantageous food choices than most 4.5 and 6 year olds. They do have Dad’s sweet tooth, and are always curious about new and interesting sweets.  This poses the same dilemma most parents go through, how to give kids enjoyable food experiences without ruining their health, their teeth and their minds!

TDT: Describe your business?
SD: My wife and I own Karma Road, an organic, vegetarian Café in New Paltz, NY.  Really delicious, high quality food, designed in a quick serve, café setting.  I’m also a performing songwriter.  I’ve recorded two records and am in the process of producing a third. A few of my songs have been used in small film projects and on a television series.  I think of that my real profession. 

TDT: How does having your own business effect the raising of your children? positive and/or negative
SD: First, the food business:  I think that there’s an extra hot fire burning under my ass to make sure that the business is done right, so that people get to have choices for an animal free meal, and  we can be successful and provide for the family.  I wonder sometimes if my sons see their Mom and Dad, as the “bosses”, innately confident or something, we’re not, we have to delegate so much responsibility and trust those decisions. We are local celebrities and people view us as authorities on healthy food, and our kids see us receive a level of respect.  We remain reasonably balanced, we let our children know that nothing we say or teach is right or better than anyone elses’ beliefs, what we do is our distinction and we respect and love others who make their own choices.
Regarding being a musician, I think it’s cool, and my kids look on while I create, they see the process.  They both love what I do and I hope it shows them that passions don’t need to be sacrificed for convention, and doing what they love is paramount.

Part II Tomorrow...

11 Main Street
New Paltz, NY


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That was a sweet lyrical piece. Glad you enjoyed the concert and the stadium. Too bad about the old had a lot of memories, mostly of freezing my ass ff at Giants game. Steve W

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