Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Poke with a stick

"Is there something bother you?" I ask my son who seems to be in a sour mood. "Nuthin." mumbles out of his mouth. I do not get it, earlier he was chatty and excited to watch the Percy Jackson movie, then like a switch he became quiet and moody. I do sense he is a bit tired or maybe it was more than that. "Is there something you want to ask me?" I ask again. "No" is the reply. It's getting late and I instruct my son to start getting ready for bed, and after a shower he slumps out of the bathroom and silently gets in his pajamas. Is his state activated by tiredness or something more, so I poke again "Are you sure nothing is bothering know you can tell me..." Silence for a couple of seconds, a sigh, then "Nuthin" squeaks out. I am frustrated because I want him to tell me if there is truly an issue, and anxious that I am manufacturing an imaginary problem. I feel I started the questioning as a concerned dad, but I quickly turn into a pushy parent. I am irritated by this exchange and say goodnight, turn out the light and close the door hard. Later that night I can't sleep. Why did I get so ill-tempered with my son, was there really something bothering him or did my prodding and interrogation enhance my misread of the situation? Or maybe he was just tired...  


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