Saturday, November 20, 2010


My son's school has a long tradition of being involved in charitable endeavors. Every week collections for clothing, old sneakers, food and various other items are being held for different causes. Although most of the students are fortunate to have many privileges and opportunities they are frequently reminded that many other kids their age do not. Over the summer, a select group of high schoolers visited the JBFC School in Tanzania and brought the people food, medical and educational supplies. It was on this trip that my son's school adopted their sister school, The Mary and Joseph School. The students documented the experience by taking pictures and created a PowerPoint presentation which they showed to the school upon their return. 

Earlier this month the fifth grade class raised money for their sister school by completing laps around the school track. The more laps each student did the more money they raised. Each of the five fifth grade classes raised money by soliciting parents, relatives and friends to donate either by lap or in a lump sum. Each class elected a chairperson to organize the flyers, collect the checks, and lead the class in the first lap. Our son breathlessly informed us he was elected as class representative to the Lap-A-Thon. He took his job very seriously and was very proud to collect and hand-in all the checks at the end of the collection period. 

My son comes from a long line of social activists. My wife has proudly passed her family legacy down to him by engaging him early on in humanitarian and peace efforts. However, this was the first time he participated in a charitable activity on his own, so it seemed extra special and important. Donation collections went smoothly leading up to the day of the event. Each Class wore their "Spirit Day" t-shirts as they lapped around the track in a group (my son's class is in green). As the fifth grade ran or walked the track, some of their other classmates played games in the middle of the field. 

The fifth grade class raised over $2,100 dollars for supplies and repairs to the school's facilities. My son personally raised $90. The head coordinator, a fifth grade teacher, praised our son's efforts by saying "He has been both a responsible and enthusiastic representative for his class!" Showing compassion towards people in need is one thing, but taking action is what counts. The fifth grade class, lead by my son, gets an A-plus.
For more information go to the following website:
The Janada L. Batchelor Foundation for Children


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