Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Smart Music

The baritone horn, or simply baritone, is a member of the brass instrument family.[1] The baritone horn is a cylindrical bore instrument like the trumpet and trombone.[2] A baritone horn uses a large mouthpiece much like those of a trombone or euphonium. It is pitched in B, one octave below the B trumpet. In the UK the baritone is frequently found in brass bands. The baritone horn is also a common instrument in high school and college bands, as older baritones are often in schools' inventories. However, these are gradually being replaced by intermediate-level euphoniums.

My son has been playing the Baritone in school since last year. Even though he enjoys playing it was like pulling teeth to get him to practice. When he first brought home the instrument, my wife and I adapted a light approach to practicing. My feeling was, with the workload already on the kid, I did not want to pressure him into blowing the mini-tuba until he was blue in the face, that and the fact I did not know how to instruct and critique his practice, was it good, bad, did he hit the note of not?

This year his school invested in an amazing software package called Smart Music. Students download the software and look up their classes and music. The teacher then loads in their assignments, practice schedule and can even comment on their progress. The kids click on their weekly assignments, find the sheet music and play along to the timing bar. Students can actually see where their mistakes are, can immediately run through the piece again and instantly mark their improvement. 

This program has not only made my son practice more, he enjoys the challenge of raising his score, like a video game. This program puts a whole new twist on the traditional practice routine. As a parent, I can sit there with him, learn the assignments, and experience the learning process, as well as drum out the beats as he plays along. Doing homework, making music and having fun, in perfect rhythm.

Smart Music- tell your school...

PS:I did not receive any compensation from Smart Music, I just think the product is great!


sjohnson said...

My school does not use Smart Music, but I've been considering subscribing. I have not because I could not find the baritone on any of the instrument lists. Am I missing it or are you using the trombone or euphonium music?

SKane said...

Thanks for the comment. I do not know exactly where it is on the list as the teachers set it up, but he plays the baritone and the music selections are for baritone. I would contact Smart Music for help. It is a amazing product, I would highly recommend it.

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