Monday, November 15, 2010

Won to One

The team forms a semi-circle around the water drenched and choked up head coach. "All you kids should be proud of yourselves..." Coach exclaims over the cheering and clapping of the players standing around him. "...The first win is the best win and you showed your toughness and willingness to fight hard all year and it finally came together so congratulations to all of you!" 

Last game on the schedule proved to be the shining moment for the team as they got its first win and on that note, made it a successful season. The team struggled through new players, new coaches, league politics and key injuries but every practice they stood on that field, never dishearten by their record, and learned to play as a team. "In all my years associated with the organization..." another coach tells me, "This is the best group of kids I have ever been around, always willing to give it their all, support each other and have fun." 

As the team leaves the field they are greeted by their parents, applauding and slapping the players on the shoulder pads, excited themselves for the win as they are also part of the team, getting their kids to practice on time every day and spending hours driving and sitting in the stands cheering the kids towards this victory. 

Congratulations Blue Devils, 1 and 7 never felt so sweet.


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