Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tales from the Flash Card

Front Side: Where are the United States and Canada located?
Flip Side: In North America

Front Side: What do the climate zones in Canada and the U.S. range from?
Flip Side: Climate zones in the U.S. and Canada range from desert climate to polar climate.

Front Side: Do the U.S. and Canada have mountain ranges?
Flip Side: The United States and Canada have many mountain ranges.

Front Side: Do the Great Lakes provide transportation and industry?
Flip Side: Bodies of water such as the Great Lakes provide transportation and support industry.

Front Side: Are you ready for your test tomorrow?
Flip Side: I hope so...

Front Side: Be confident, after all you are the side with the answers...
Flip Side: That's because you ask the right questions...

-This re-enactment was taken from flash cards covering my son's Social Studies test tomorrow. Flash cards played themselves...

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