Sunday, January 9, 2011

An awesome descent...

I can barely keep my eyes open as the shards of ice are like daggers hitting my face. I am gaining speed on the icy hill and at the precise moment, yell "Let go, let go!" My son just a hair ahead of me, lets go of the reins of my sled causing our lines to widen and create space between us. I lean right and seem to enter another gear as the hill downgrades another five degrees. My son, on the other hand, makes a bee line towards the ramp. We are both yelling at the top of our lungs as I watch my son hit the ramp and catch air. He is spiraling in the air and the sled is lost under him. He hits the icy ground like a thud and goes into a spin-slide. I resume my piloting, leaning and skidding past trees, benches and fences. I finally hit a grassy patch which slows me, then bump into a rock, causing the sled to plow and crack. I release my hands and disengage from the sled, spin around and land on my stomach, facing the wrong way.

I look up, wiping the snow out of my eyes and see my son, laying on his back, laughing. "That was awesome!" he screams and I yell back, "I was flying!" I run back up to where he was laying. "Are you ready to go again?" I say. "Absolutely!" he replies and jumps to his feet. He grabs his sled and we climb our way back up the hill. After our ascent, we look down the sleek hill and mentally plan our paths. He lays down the sled and gingerly positions himself inside. I place my sled down slightly behind and to the right and sit down. "Ready, Set, Go!" We release our boots from the snow and begin our descent...


Clayton Thomas said...

Found you on Twitter- glad I did. All the best!!!


twitter: @claylauren2001

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