Thursday, January 27, 2011


Rehearsal has been moved to the other end of town at the church's meeting hall
My son is walking as I direct him over his phone:

-"Hi, I am outside.."
-"Ok, now walk down the street and let me know when you reach the corner..."

Three minutes later...
-"I am at the corner.."
-"Ok now cross the street and let me know when you reach the barber shop..."

Two minutes later..
-"I am standing in front of the barber..."
-"Now turn the corner and walk towards the Mexican restaurant..."

One minute later...
-"I am standing in front..."
-"Ok now walk to the corner and cross the street..."

Half minute later...
-"Just let me know when you cross the street.."
-"I did already.."

After trying a few doors...
-"I see where the kids are entering the building.."
-"Ok, have fun!"
-"I will, see ya later Dad.."
-"Bye bye..."

Even in this age of online maps and GPS, its still nice to have a comforting voice to guide you along... 


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