Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The fun "part"

I walk down the icy concrete sidewalk and pull on the oversized wooden door and enter the school. Even at 7:25pm, the school is alive. To the left you can immediately hear the bounce of basketballs as the girls junior varsity team is in the middle of practice in the blue gym. I am about to open the staircase door when I glance through the cafeteria window at the far end of the lobby. I see about twenty kids in groups of four at each table, while a few adults slowly walk around the room. Thinking back to my school days my first thought is these kids are in detention. All of a sudden laughter bellows out of the room so I take a closer look and see nestled in with all the giggling kids, my son sitting at one end of a table giggling right along, and realize what is going on.

I continued on my way, up the stairs to the main level, turn right and gather with all the other parents. We are all milling around like we are waiting for the morning train, checking our phones, greeting each other with nods and a quick, "Hows it going...". Some are just peeking through the auditorium doors to get a glimpse of the rehearsal. A few minutes later, I hear the kids from the cafeteria rumble up the stairs and blast through the stairway door. I position nearby so I can see my son come through the door, chattering away with three friends. As he struts closer, he holds up the script to my face and with pure excitement declares, "I got it, I am Tweedle Dum!"


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