Monday, July 19, 2010

Bash Ball

I am sweating and my arms are sore. I feel like a beginner, uncomfortable and uneasy. My brain is trying to memorize the gestures as my arms generate no reaction time. My opponent on the other hand is relaxed and confident in his abilities and is taunting me at the same time. "What do I do here?", "Why is it doing that?" shrieks from my mouth as the opposing player is jumping and dancing as another run crosses the plate. I take my frustrations out on the next batter as I plunk him in the side. Man on first and second.  I get a warning from the Umpire. I wind up and make the pitch, Swack! The ball hits off the wall, as my outfielder is standing there admiring his shoes and I attempt to maneuver him to get the ball and throw it to third, safe!

Eventually, it's my turn at the plate. Strike! Strike! Strike! Out one. Strike! Strike! Grounder to the pitcher, out two. Strike! Strike! Strike! Out number three. I am pitching again and hit another batter. Ejected! In relief I give up three more runs on six hits until I record the three outs needed to leave the field. In a matter of ninety seconds, I am out on the field again, another hit batter and another ejection. After giving up another two runs, and after five innings, I record my first hit but get thrown out at second because I cannot stop myself from rounding the plate to advance. Pitching again I make progress and give up no runs. Top of the sixth, I get another hit, a triple on a ball to the wall. I think I am starting to get the timing down and register another hit, I will not be shut out as my runner scores from third. Now that I got one, I only need ten more to tie. My opponent is really enjoying this romp which causes me to target another batter, ejected again! 

My last at bat is futile, three batters, three outs, game over. Score for me, two, my son, thirteen. My son shouts out the stats as I remove the Wii-mote from my wrist. Sixteen strikeouts, offense records two home runs, two triples and five doubles. My stats, three strikeouts, I get a triple, two doubles and four pitcher ejections. I should have called the game due to showers, my son's shower...


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