Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A day of rest? Not...

7:30-9:00 am- Bike Ride
9:15-9:40 am Enjoy a nice ice coffee and a mini bagel
9:40-9:45 am Check my Blackberry for any work issues
9:45-10:00 am Coax my son into a hike
10:00-11:00 am Trail run/walk at Saxon Woods (see last week's post)
11:30-12:00 noon Modells Sporting Goods for football cleats
12:20-12:30 pm Attempting to fix a minor car radio issue
12:30-1:00 pm Searching for the car tool required to fix minor issue
1:00-1:20 pm Find tool and fix minor car issue
1:20-1:25 pm Check Blackberry for messages
1:25-1:45 pm Eat lunch
2:00-2:15 pm Drive over to the pool to cool off
2:15-2:45 pm Wait until the pool reopens after a baby "accident"
2:45-2:50 pm Check Blackberry messages
2:50-3:30 pm Finally cool off in the now wildly crowded pool
4:00- 4:15 pm Drive home to pick up wife
4:50-5:50 pm Shopping at Target
5:50-5:55 pm Check Blackberry for messages
6:20-7:00 pm Shopping at Trader Joe's
7:00-8:00 pm Put away groceries and help with dinner
8:00-8:30 pm Eat dinner and clean up
8:30-8:45 pm Coach my son into the shower
8:50-9:20 pm Transition my son from fun time to bed time
9:30-9:40 pm  Put away some laundry (see Wife's Sunday list)
9:50-10:00 pm Coach myself into a shower
10:00-10:30 pm Read a little and write a little
10:30-11:00 pm Watch Entourage on HBO
11:00-11:05 pm Go through my Blackberry for any missed messages
11:05-11:15 pm Get into bed, turn on the radio, and close my eyes
11:15-11:20 pm Get out of bed and check to see if door is locked
11:20- pm Get back into bed and go to sleep

Monday- Full work day. Can't wait to relax...
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