Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Sorcerer's Apprentice- from a kid's eye

- the story as told to me by my son...

"OK, it starts off a long, long time ago, a man had these powers and he was the best one with powers but then something happens to him, then now this guy Balthazar, who is also good with magic had this necklace who he wanted to give to a girl but then he can't find it, then the bad guy kinds of finds it and Balthazar says "Hey give that back to me, that is for the girl" and the bad guy says no. The bad guy then puts the girl inside one of these Russian doll toys and if she is trapped inside, the world would belong to him. Then Balthazar finds out there is a bigger magic guy and he does not know what to do. Oh and all this time they are in Manhattan and there is this young guy who is with Balthazar and he wants to help and Balthazar does not want him to, then he starts to train him to have magic because he needs help in saving the world. Then the bad guy starts making the dead people come alive with this black dust stuff he got from the sky and Balthazar say that was not right.  The bad guy says "I don't care, I want to be master of the world" They have this big battle to save the girl and that will save the world. That is how it starts...."

The Sorcerer's Apprentice
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