Thursday, July 8, 2010

NYC Firefighter Robert Lagnese Part II

Balancing a demanding career and family responsibilities is always a struggle for fathers. More than in the past, fatherhood encompasses not just a paycheck, but a desire to be involved with the family, from wake up time to good night time. 
Here is Part II of my interview with Robert Lagnese, decorated NYC Firefighter:

TDTWhat are your daily routines in your home that you do no matter what is going on at work? Is there something you enjoy so much you wish you can do with them every day?
RLOur daily routine right now involves playground time almost everyday. When mom is working there is always time at the playground. Watching the two of them run and play together is the best.

TDTHow does the "code" of a firefighter effect your parenting decisions? 
RLI try to teach them to do their best and take responsibility for whatever they do be it right or wrong. Treat others as they wish to be treated, and always do the right thing. I am not sure if this is the code you are talking about but these things are the basis of everything that goes on in the firehouse. I would hope this is the universal "code" of parenting.

TDTWhat career advise would you give your kids if they asked you?
RLThe only career advice I would have for my children is to find what truly makes them happy and try to make that a satisfying career. Work doesn't seem like work when it is something you enjoy. Once you choose your career be sure to be passionate and committed to being the best they can be at whatever it may be.

TDTWhat do you do in your recreational time with your kids?
RL: Recreational time with the kids is basically everyday. Playing with their toys, as well as teaching them to play sports is an event which I wouldn't trade for anything. I have the advantage of spending almost everyday with my boys, and I plan on doing that right up until they don't want to spend time with me anymore. Then I will happily force them to spend time with me!

TDTWhat strategies are you following to save for your children's future?
RL: Saving for their future involves putting money into a 529 and hoping for the best. Keeping them on track in school and possibly on the field (in some form) will hopefully help pay for college.

I want to thank Firefighter Robert Lagnese for doing this interview and for his outstanding duty to The City of New York.

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