Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Date Night - Chapter II

"Bye, we will see you in a couple of hours..." I close the door and lock it. It will take my wife and I just ten minutes to walk over to the local movie theater to see "The Kids are All Right". My son is at home with his babysitter, a teenage girl from upstairs who he once referred to as his "Big Sister". He has always been comfortable with all of his babysitters but this one is the closest in age to him and I think he likes that. They play games and look for cool stuff on the computer and the best part is he never gives her a problem about going to bed. 

We round the corner and I notice an unusual amount of people milling around on the sidewalk near the theater. We get to the front door and see it, those two little words every date night couple dreads hearing when paying a babysitter for an evening out, the words "Sold Out". Being from Manhattan and experienced movie goers, we immediately buy tickets for another movie just to get inside and maybe position ourselves to sneak into the sold out show. My plan is this, I will go into the bathroom while my wife will just walk in and if they stop her, she can just say that I am already inside and I have her ticket. Then I will stroll in and if I am asked, I will just say that my wife has my ticket. Brilliant plan that has worked in the past but we never tried that scheme here, in our neighborhood movie house. When I get out of the bathroom, my wife is sitting on a bench across from the concession stand. I look at her and she looks at me and we both look at the usher checking the tickets as the patrons enter the theater. We both sigh and my wife says, "Lets go get a drink." I second the motion, return the tricked tickets and we head to the bar. 
We get to the bar and park ourselves on a couple of stools with a soft bluish velvety feel. My wife wants to try something new, which the bartender replies that they do not have it, I ask for a certain tap beer and I get the same reply, "sorry, out of that also" Sensing that things are not going our way, we both order the usual. After we get our drinks sorted out, we relax, have a lovely conversation and simply enjoy ourselves and our date.

After doing a couple of errands in town, we head back to our apartment, coincidentally just about the time we would have gotten home if we saw the movie. We pay the babysitter for her time and find out she is free next Thursday! We quickly book her and say our goodnights. I walk into my son's room, he's not sleeping but is quietly reading in bed. He looks up, rubs his eyes and asks "How was the movie?" I tell him the bad news, how we were shut out and went to have a drink instead, which made him comment with a deep voice,  "Ooh, a drink...". 

Our date night did not go as planned, but the date still went on, we were able to spend time with each other and that is what matters. Until next week, when the babysitter knocks on the door, and we set out on another edition of Date Night, this time with tickets purchased in advance.
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