Thursday, July 29, 2010

UPFC-The Will and the Skill

I am waiting anxiously as to where the first strike will come from. I have the advantage of positioning myself on a higher vantage point. I might see it coming, but that does not give me comfort, for my opponent is fast and powerful. I try not to leave any exposed areas of my body, stay low, I whisper to myself. Then I sense it, hear it, feel the movement of wind rushing in my direction and in an instant, the skirmish erupts. The first blow is delivered with a small, yet precise lightweight object, easy to deflect. What I did not realize was that the fluff was simply a decoy and before I can retool my thoughts, the monster 24 by 24 inch canvas pillow lands a direct hit! The classic bait and switch, the move diminishing my perched advantage as I spin over to take cover. I hear the footsteps of my adversary advance closer and I am ready to retaliate. I time my moment and then spin again, this time armed with twin bed pillows in both hands rocketing towards each other with the target between them. The pillows meet the target at the exact time and explode in a boom into the breadbasket of the enemy. Down goes the body, crashing to the floor, I feel victory is close and ready to take the "Ultimate Pillow Fight Championship". As I steady for the devastating "Mother of all pillow fight blows", I again discover that my opponent is strong willed and very skilled. As I adjust my grip, my opponent rolls out of range, reaches for the 24 by 24 bunker buster and in one swift movement, throws up a foot block and blasts the buster across the back of my head. I am stunned and somewhat blinded for a split second as the buster makes the return trip the "Blow heard around the World", knocking me up and backwards onto the bed. My eyes slowly open to my son jumping onto my chest, calling for a surrender. Slowly I slide the white pillowcase off the pillow and wave it in the air....


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