Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blog World is high flying Fun

Being new to the blogging world, I thought I was alone in my neck of the woods talking about being a dad, from a man's point of view. Little did I know I was joining a group, a fraternity, a brotherhood of great dads all hitting the web to rave, rant and report about the adventures of raising children. This brotherhood is growing (like that one hair you keep plucking), growing to a point where we have some influence (of course this "influence" does not have any tangible weight in the household).

Which brings me to BlogWorld- New Media Expo 2010. I do not have much "me" time anymore, with work duties and family activities, but Blogworld is a place that would allow me to relax and surround myself in New Media frenzy . The conference will allow me to experience what is out there in the Blog universe, learn from the experts and hang with my fellow dad/blog enthusiasts. But the lack of funds crushed my dreams of walking the floor of the conference, gathering pens, keychains and beer bottle insulators, in other words not being able to spend the time with the brotherhood. That's when I read about The Dads Talking Blog World Expo Giveaway. The great folks at DadsTalking worked out a deal with ever supportive Southwest Airlines and the friends running the show at BlogWorld New Media Expo 2010 to award a lucky dad blogger with the chance to participate in the First and Only Industry Wide Conference , Trade Show & Media Event for all New Media. I thank SouthwestAir, Blogworld and Dadstalking for the opportunity.

I hope I am that lucky winner. 

ps. I did not receive any compensation for this post (not yet anyway)


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