Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day Planner

"Yes! Today is Thursday" My son excitedly yelps. He is charged up because his cousin is spending the weekend with us. It is rare that they spend a fall weekend together that does not involve a holiday. Both boys are packed up with activities that it's hard to squeeze in some face time. Their weekend sports are scheduled at similar times and they do not go to the same school. When they do spend time together, they are like brothers and best friends. The real fun for me is to just watch them entertain each other and enjoy themselves. 

It is a shame that the cousins do not see each other more often but its not their fault. We over schedule our kids with one activity after another and ourselves as parents with our attempt to keep them engaged, and its difficult to purposely have nothing scheduled. This weekend will be different, as after my son's tutor, football practice, a visit to my sister, going to a sporting event, and then my son's football game on Sunday, the plan is for forty-eight hours of untethered brotherly togetherness, and memorable times.


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