Sunday, September 19, 2010

Valley Center boy collects cans to save dad's life -

A man on a mission to save his fathers life, and he's only seven-years old. Reed Sanderson organized a can drive to help raise money for his father.
"I feel such joy. I can't believe a seven-year old could cause this much commotion in the community It's awesome," said Reeds dad Brian Sanderson.
Doctors diagnosed Brian with vanishing bile duct syndrome, a condition that is killing his liver. When Reed found out his dad needed a liver transplant, he was quick to help.
"I'm going to turn all these in to help my dad get a new liver," said Reed.
"Reed just said one day if I get enough cans will they give dad a liver? I don't know why or how he came up with that in that way but that's how he describes it," said Reed's mom.

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Valley Center boy collects cans to save dad's life -


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