Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Size Matters

"Dad, can I have these socks?" My son asks while sitting on the couch, putting on my favorite socks. "I guess." I reply in a not so favorable voice. My son is constantly trying to claim my clothes and other various items as his. He needs a smock for school, quickly my t-shirt drawer is searched. Can't find a pair of socks, one of my pairs will do. Needs something to sleep in, another t-shirt bites the dust... 

One day my son was getting dressed for school. I enter his room to announce that "His Majesty's" breakfast is ready. He is standing there with a t-shirt bunched around his head while trying to maneuver it with one hand. The other hand is holding up with what appears to be a pair of gym shorts more that two sizes too big. I watch him wrestle the shirt down and attempting to adjust his body into a position where the shorts will rest on his hips. I glances up at me watching him and while responding to his breakfast call, shifts his body just slightly enough that the shorts drop to the floor.  He now uses both hands to pull the shorts up, up so high that the elastic waist band is resting on his pushed out belly. He then cinches up the string so tight that it looks like he is wearing a drawer string sack. In a startled voice I ask "Are those your shorts?" "No their yours, I just like them." he replies in this matter-of-fact tone. "Are you serious? Take them off!" I bark back in a laughable manner. After fumbling with the shorts for another minute and realizing that no matter how much cinching and tucking he did to secure the shorts, he gave up and changed into a more sizable attire. 

Needless to say over that weekend we drove to Modells and purchased a matching pair, just a few sizes smaller...


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