Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This Season on "The Fifth Grade"

Tonight was Parents Night at my son's school. Its an gathering early in the school year when all the parents go to school, meet the teachers and find out about what the kids have been working on in class and what they will be studying throughout the year. I am excited to hear all of the great projects, trips and subjects my son will experience this year, his last in elementary school. I am more excited for him, his world is opening up to him and even though its early in the year, he seems to have a better handle on the workload than in the past. He is really taken ownership and I like that. 

Upon entering his homeroom, his teacher greets us and we get a chance to peek in his desk (felt a little violating but I could not resist). I left him a short note, wishing him luck and trying not to get mushy, signed it "Love, Mom and Dad" and left it folded in the top bin. After meeting his other teachers, and a little scare about an assignment due Friday we did not hear about, overall we got a good vibe that he is in good hands. 

We walk in the door and my son is laying on the couch, watching Mythbusters. He sits up quickly, like he expected a "talk" about his schoolwork, responsibilities and focus, what he got was smiles, excitement and hugs. We get around to asking him about the assignment, which he proudly replies "I finished it and already handed it it." 

This is the start of a great year.


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