Friday, February 11, 2011

Climate Change

After weeks of the worst winter weather, the last few days seem somewhat pleasant. Bright skies when looking through your bedroom window can give you the impression of warmer days. The body feels toasty roaming around the heated apartment but turns frigid when that first blast of the wind chill hits you.
I can feel the issue brewing this morning as I see my son sitting on his knees, backwards on the couch, staring out the window. After breakfast, I tell my son to get dressed, its an early school day because of music class and we are pressed for time. I am sitting at my desk using my computer to scan any last minute emails and news, as well as sync my ipod when I turn to see my son walk out of his room, stop and stand, nervously swinging his arms up and letting them fall, smacking the sides of his legs. "What's the matter, is everything ok?" I ask. "I'm fine." he replies. "Why aren't you dressed yet?" I sternly ask. He stops swinging his arms, turns and walks back to his room. After a few minutes past, I eject my ipod and glance at my watch. "It's time to leave..." I holler loud enough to fill the whole apartment. I hear footsteps nearing the living room as my son reappears. He is wearing a black dryfit Adidas t-shirt and not to my amazement, blue nylon gym shorts. "Oh no, sorry, you are not wearing shorts." I say in a matter of fact tone of voice. "Auugh, it's not even cold outside." my son wines back. I go to my computer to check the temperature. "It's 22 degrees outside!" I state. "But I will only be outside for five minutes..." Is his counter. My son even tries the "But everyone is wearing shorts!" I commend his argument on the inside, but keep to a parent view on the outside when I say, "You are not wearing shorts when its 22 degrees, the rule is when above 40 it's ok, but not at 22, now quickly change, we will be late." My son lumbers back to his room and after a few bangs of dresser drawers quickly opening and closing, re-re-appears in black nylon sweat pants. 

We finally leave the house and quietly walk the block to school. I manage to get a hug goodbye and hold the door open as he enters the school. I continue holding the door while a few more kids rush in from out of the cold when I turn to look back at my son taking off his jacket. It was then that I notice a little hint of blue nylon peeking out from the top of the sweat pants. 


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