Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hands in the air

"Substitutions!!!" The coach yells from the sideline. The whistle is blown and play stops. After a brief conference the two teams walk to the middle of the court, ready for the final four minutes of play. My view of the game is near the foul line of the opposing team, as my allegiance is with the team in dark red jerseys, my son's team. The ball is inbounded by the blue team and Blue 8 quickly brings the ball to the top of the key. Blue 6 curls around the right side and runs into the brick wall of Red 7. Blue 6 decides to make the pass anyway and in a catch and shoot, Blue 6 brings the ball up for the attempt but as the ball leaves his fingers, Red 7 is off his feet to tip the ball away and is grabbed by Red 5. The transition begins as Red team sprints in the other direction, led my Red 7. The pass is on the run, sharp and fluid right into Red 7's hands. The defense closes fast as Red 7 catches, corrals the ball and stops on a dime. Swarmed by three defenders, Red 7 muscles breathing room, lifts the ball and shoots. The ball is spinning on the way up, taps the rim and falls through the net. High fives down the court as Red Team is back on defense, ready to dig in. 

The seconds count down to zero and the game comes to an end. Celebration for Red team, playing as a team and putting it all together for win one. 


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