Thursday, February 10, 2011

Home School

"I finished all of my editing!" My son jumps up from the table to announce. I give him a nod of approval and turn back to my own assignment. We are both sitting at the table doing homework, for him an everyday occurrence, for me getting back into the swing of it. I am in the middle of setting up excel columns when my son breaks out his math workbook to review decimals. I am posting transactions to the general ledger when he goes to type up this week's writers entry. I am putting the finishing touches on my trial balance as my son saves his document and gets ready for bed. As he is putting on his pajamas and I save my file, my wife wants us to listen to her classroom lesson plan. We are sitting in my son's room, my wife showing her presentation and my son engaged in the content. I listen and think about all the work we accomplished. 

We did good work tonight....


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