Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Early Dismissal

I hang up the phone and sink back into bed. Its 5:30 am and the principal called to tell parents the school will have an early dismissal today because of the pending storm. Now that my wife is student teaching, I will have to decide to either let him walk home by himself and be alone until my wife arrives or stay home. After a stressful few minutes, the choice was simple.

I have always been a "company man". For years I always wanted to be the first one in and the last one to leave. I like being viewed as dependable and consistent in regards to working. Before I was married, it would be nothing for me to work ten, eleven or even twelve hours a day, day after day, week after week. When I got married I tried to shorten my days, but it was not easy to switch off easily. When my son was born, I realized it was important for me to keep in mind that work life is not my whole life. 

My son wakes up and I inform him of his early day, and even though he sighs about not having the whole day off, he is happy for the short day. He sits and eats breakfast while I shower and get dressed. After breakfast, he lumbers into his room to get dressed while I now check the weather and look out the window, "Another snowy day..." I grumble to myself. 

At 8:10am I say "It's time to leave, lets go." My son packs his backpack and I grab my keys and we both get our coats on. As I get my boots on, my son is zipping up his jacket and adjusts his fleece hat. While walking to school, I discuss with my son what he needs to do when as soon as he gets home, do today's homework, finish up the project due later in the week and read. "I am going to finish my book today and you will lose your bet!" he declares as he reminds me of the friendly wager I proposed over the weekend about finishing the book before winter break. 

We arrive at the school doors and I put my hand on his shoulder. "Have a good day, and have fun..." I say. "I will" he replies. I open the door and as he enters the lobby I yell back,"...And don't forget, you get out early and I will be here to pick you up."  He looks back and says "Ok, see ya" 

As I walk home my blackberry beeps, work has a question. I type back, "I will log in and check it out in a few minutes , I am working from home today."


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