Friday, February 4, 2011

Opposite result

"You have a very busy weekend so you need to go to bed early tonight." Whenever I start out the evening with that statement, what usually happens is the exact opposite. Shower delays, drinks of water, extra goofing around and the ever present toilet break results in hitting the pillow at least a half an hour later than planned. 

Finally my son gets back into bed (after forgetting his retainer, which involves getting out of bed, getting his retainer, stopping to look in the mirror, hearing a noise, going to investigate the noise, picking up something on the floor, dropping that something back on the floor, taking a quick Nerf basketball shot, and attempting to hit me with a pillow), I say "Now try to sleep a little later in the morning, its Saturday, no reason to get up early." 

I give him a final hug and make my way out of the room, and close the door. I stop to realize that the "early to bed" statement backfires on the "early to rise" statement as well.


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