Saturday, February 19, 2011

Year 3

"Are you One? Are you Two? Are you Three!" Happy Birthday! Today was my nephew's birthday party. I love the three year old birthday. Birthday number three is one of the all time best.  Its really the first time they know what a birthday means, and its the first memorable party. The kids are wildly excited and bright eyed when they see their theme cake, a superhero, or a favorite disney character with all the matching decorations. The party is one of the last few that involve inviting all of the relatives, soon after the parties are dominated by school friends and planned activities. You start to separate the family into its own event simply to allow the relatives face time with the birthday child. Kids do not mind, it just keeps the birthday going. Having gone through eleven birthdays with my son some years are breakthroughs, some are turning points but all should be filled with great celebration.  That is what birthdays are for.

Happy Birthday to my three year old nephew.


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