Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dual Feat

Tonight was filled with a series of chores, projects, and fitness. First my son worked on his school project with my wife, then dinner as a family. After cleanup my son and I hit the track for a mile or two. Showers done and some wind-down minutes before bed. Now I sit here on the couch flipping between two very enjoyable and very different programs.

Program One, Lakers vs Suns game four. Its a pivotal game, so a lot of determination and athleticism is being thrown down. Basketball showcases the rhythm of team play and the fluidity of pro athletes. Its sports drama at its best.

Program Two, Glee, the show about a very talented school glee club and the ups and downs of being different. A lot of courage and skill is being thrown down. Glee showcases the rhythm of the choreographed sets and the fluidity of the arrangements. Its show drama at its best. 

Both programs demonstrate the incredible drive and sacrifice it takes to reach the top. The performers are masters of their respective professions, not interchangeable, but equally special, and the envy of most.
And by most I mean me. 


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